From beginners to advanced skaters, Hive Skate Camps focus on the fundamentals and foundations of skateboarding, while also having fun! Our staff members are well versed in their respected form and style of skating, bringing unique tricks and challenges for our campers to learn. We teach our campers to work hard and have confidence in themselves, encouraging our boys and girls to be positive role models and to support their peers. Hive Skate Camps are a good way for our campers to hone their skills and have fun doing it! 

Our SPRING BREAK day camp is 5 day sessions Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM. Each camp is limited to 20 attendees per camp at a first come first serve basis. The registration fee for the week is $250.00 and is due at the time of registration, with the child's medical form, to reserve your campers spot in the program. Due to the limited number of spots per camp, the registration fee is non-refundable. We at Hive recognize extenuating circumstances which will be handled on a case by case basis.

Campers are responsible for bringing their lunch (we recommend a lunchbox or small cooler) however Hive does provide two snacks a day with water and juice. Campers may bring additional water bottles or thermos’s if needed. Any food allergies or dietary restrictions should be disclosed on the medical form filled out at the time of registration and also discussed with a staff member before your child entering the program. 

All children must come to camp with proper safety attire. Each child should have a helmet, pads (if necessary) and skateboard with them at camp for each day. We do offer board and helmet rentals at first come first serve basis which is provided with no additional fee, however, if we run out and your child does not have the proper attire, they can not skate. We encourage all campers to have their equipment for a better camp experience. Each child must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian before the first day of camp begins.

As an extra incentive for our campers, we at Hive offer a skate mentor program. This particular program is offered to those campers who have excellent leadership skills, positive attitudes, that also perform well in school and their communities. We encourage our campers to not only be positive role models in the skate community but in their respected communities at home and school as well. These campers are encouraging and supportive of their peers and strive for excellence in anything they may do. We at Hive like to not only acknowledge these campers but reward them as well. Campers that have been offered a spot in this program are invited back to camp next year as mentors for our new campers and will be assisting our coaches in shaping our new campers into not only skilled skaters but model citizens. In addition to being invited back to camp next year, we also offer a month free admission to our skatepark after camp. We at Hive recognize the dedication and hard work it takes for our skating youth to be such important role models and feel it should be celebrated! We encourage all of our campers to try to be skate mentors!

We at Hive reserve the right to exclude campers from the program that display inappropriate behavior or language, disrespect to staff or peers, or for any severe disciplinary action. In the event a camper is excluded from the program for these circumstances, they will not be issued a refund and may be excluded from future programs as well. We at Hive want to allow all of our campers to have fun in a safe and positive environment which requires that level of care from all of our campers and staff members.

We look forward to meeting our new campers this summer!